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Mobile Robots Developer

Leotronics is a European developer and manufacturer of mobile robots and solutions based on them. We conduct developments in mechatronics, electronics, artificial intelligence and neural networks, autonomous navigation, and research human-machine interaction.

About Us

With us you will get a robotic solution from Leotronics suitable and adapted for your applications. A team of experienced engineers mans our support pages to help you whenever you need it. Easy configuration and installation adapting to the needs of each client, with simple software configuration.

Possibilities of Robotics

Rescue Services

Rescue robots are designed to help in evacuating injured people during disasters. During disasters such as war and catastrophes, people are at risk of carrying out rescue missions.

Maintenance Services

Autonomous mobile robot LeoHelper is designed to automate the movement of raw materials, finished products indoors, as well as a robot waiter, disinfector, etc.

FireFighting Services

LeoTronics Robotics TrackReitar FFL firefighting robot is vital for various firefighting services, particularly for immediate firefighting necessities.

Demining Robots

Cost-effective mine clearance robots designed for humanitarian demining. This series is named TrackReitar Cleanfield

Our Products

Robots Based on TrackReitar Platform


TrackReitar FireFighting 

police robot

TrackReitar Police

rescue robot

TrackReitar Rescue


TrackReitar Inspector 3D 

ugv robot

TrackReitar UGV

deminer robot

TrackReitar CleanField

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LeoHelper Maintenance Robots



To know more about LeoHelper or to get actual price list, please, push the button below to contact the sales department

LeoHelper autonomous mobile robot is designed to automate the movement of raw materials, finished products, and other goods indoors and create specialized mobile robots on this platform, such as robotic waiters, disinfectors, etc. The robot meets the parameters of safe interaction and adapts to the premises' complex geometry. Doorways, narrow aisles, and elevators do not hinder its movement. Setting tasks and control is done by entering direct programming code through a web interface.

LeoHelper Café

Robotic waiters are service robots that can remove the problem of staff availability in cafes and restaurants and business adaptation in the post-quarantine period. The second problem that robots effectively solve is ensuring high-quality service during the high season months. LeoTronics presents LeoHelper Café, an intelligent service robot for the catering industry.

LeoHelper Warehouse

Warehouse robots are robots designed for warehouse operations. There are many varieties but also complex warehouse automation solutions involving, for example, industrial manipulators, mobile robotic carts, palletizers, etc. LeoTronics presents its solution based on the LeoHelper platform for this application - LeoHelper Warehouse.

LeoHelper Clean

LeoHelper Clean is one of the most recent developments in the market. It has sophisticated features and design, and thus it is ideal for public and home use. The robot will be pretty helpful when we expect some routine cleaning work to get done. LeoHelper is programmed to clean the floor independently by overcoming obstacles, avoiding them, and detecting minor stains with precision cleaning mechanisms. 

LeoHelper Pets

LeoHelper Pets is a somewhat unusual robot for the household. Based on the LeoHelper platform, this robot allows you to take your pet with you, whether it's a cat or a dog. The mobile platform features a comfortable cage. You can go for a walk, and this robot will follow you and carry your pet. At the same time, your hands are not busy; you can easily go with your cat to the store or other institution and do not leave your pet on the street without supervision.



LeoRanger is a complete electric tracked vehicle for a wide range of applications. While working on tracked robots, such as firefighting robots, our team encountered a keen interest in the potential of such vehicles for recreational and home care applications. In particular, our robots have aroused great interest among the rugged inhabitants of Scandinavian countries, skiing, and extreme sports enthusiasts.The LeoRanger is equipped with a unique chair with a verticalizer that allows people with disabilities to stand upright. It has a built-in electric drive, so all you have to do is push a button and be strapped in, and the chair lifts the person into an upright position. This is of great importance for a person with disabilities; it is his infrastructure and the opportunity to live a whole life. 

Benefits of LeoTronics Robotics


You will get a robotic solution from Leotronics suitable and adapted for your applications.


A team of experienced engineers mans our support pages to help you whenever you need it.


Configuration and installation adapting to the needs of each client, with simple software configuration.


Frequently Asked Questions

We’re glad you found your robot! The next step is to send us a message or call us so that we can finalize the order and get the robot on its way.

Shipping depends principally on your location and the robot in question, but once the order is finalized, the wait should be around a week or two.

Yes, at client request, we’d be more than happy to install and integrate your robot for you. When ordering you robot, mention this and we can give you a cost and time estimate.

Once you decide that this robot is for you, finalizing the purchase can take as little as one working day.

Our Team

leotronics robotics team

Roman Prysiazhnyi

LeoTronics CEO

leotronics robotics team

Mykhaylo Kyslynsky

LeoTronics Chief Engineer

leotronics robotics team

Ruslan Prysyazny

LeoTronics Investor

leotronics robotics team

Tatiana Yevstifyeyeva

LeoTronics Accountant

leotronics robotics team

Yulia Dvornyk

Content Manager

leotronics robotics team

Anastasiia Voitiuk

LeoTronics Artist

The Most Popular Models

firefighting robot

FireFighting Robots


LeoHelper Café


TrackReitar CleanField

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The price of each robot model depends on the equipment and additional services for further maintenance of your chosen robot. Therefore, to find out the exact price of the package you are interested in, just contact our sales department. We are always happy to advise you and help you choose exactly what you need for your purpose.

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