Why robotics?

Our team began working on robots at the end of 2020 when many familiar tasks became difficult and sometimes impossible to perform in the usual way due to unprecedented restrictions. In this short note, we will try to answer the question that many people ask us: why did you go to robotics?

Many questions in the world that robotics will play a powerful role in making it easier, faster, and safer for people to get things done. We are happy to build the products that will push the world forward with incredible robots and fantastic technologies to make the world a better home for humans.

Human life is a treasure!

LeoTronics is about building the future. Our mission is committed to improving the lives of humankind by developing robots to remove the direct part from common human activities that are dirty, too hard or dangerous. Our efforts focus on what robots are the best in — making humans more productive by taking over hard and dangerous works — while letting humans do more human works — handling challenges and things that require a creative, personal attitude.

Robotics is about using technology to boost human quality. Now it's hard to imagine what life would be like if we didn’t have technological inventions such as agriculture machines, cars, washing machines, mobile phones, computers, refrigerators, etc.? These technological inventions enable us to make better benefit from our limited time on this Earth.

And now the time for robots to improve the lives of people!